NICRN (Mental Health)


The Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network (NICRN) undertakes research in mental health throughout Northern Ireland. The NICRN is part of a UK-wide initiative to provide opportunities for patients and clinicians to participate in high-quality clinical research.
The NICRN(Mental Health) aims to:

  • Promote research in mental health within Northern Ireland;
  • Attract clinical trials in mental health to Northern Ireland;
  • Conduct clinical trials in mental health across Northern Ireland to the highest standards of quality and safety;
  • Provide infrastructure to facilitate the start-up of new trials in medicines and therapeutic interventions for people with mental health difficulties;
  • Improve access for people with mental health difficulties to new cutting-edge interventions and treatments.

We will support clinical trials and other studies in:

  • child and adolescent mental health;
  • intellectual disability;
  • adult and old age psychiatry.

Areas of Interest include:

  • trials of new treatments and complex interventions.

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