NHSCT Research Team – Top 20 Recruitment for GenOMICC ICU Trial

March 20, 2024


Pictured: Clinical Research Nurse Ms Natalie Hanley


Our Critical Care Research team based at Antrim Area Hospital, NHSCT are in the Top 20 Recruitment sites for GenOMICC ICU. The team, led by PI Dr Johnston, achieved this milestone in their first month of opening.


GenOMICC is a research study which aims to unite clinicians and scientists from around the world to find the genetic factors that determine outcome in critical illness.

Infectious diseases affect millions of people around the world every year. Most cases are mild, but some people become very unwell and are admitted to intensive care. Our genes (DNA) can determine how much critical illness affects us. GenOMICC want to find the genes that cause some people to be more sick by comparing the DNA of critically-ill patients with members of the general population. By finding these genes, we may be able to develop better treatments for patients in the future.

GenOMICC is recruiting across 212 international sites in UK, Europe, Asia and the America’s with 25994 patients recruited to date.


Top 20 Recruitment for AAH and our Research team is a huge achievement – Well done Team.

Find out more about GenOMICC here: About the study | GenOMICC