NI Clinical Research Network Respiratory Group in WHSCT – 3rd Highest Recruiter for IPF COMFORT Trial

January 16, 2024

WHSCT Respiratory Research Team Pictured L-R: Ms Hazel Thompson (Study Support Officer), Dr Martin Kelly (Respiratory Consultant), Ms Valerie Mortland (Research Nurse), Mr Ryan Campbell (Research Nurse), Dr Nazia Chaudhuri (Respiratory Consultant) and Ms Kathryn Ferguson (Research Physiotherapist)


The IPF COMFORT Trial is a Phase 2 efficacy and safety study of Orvepitant for chronic cough in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Sponsored by NeRRe Therapeutics.

The IPF study has recruited 68 out of a target of 80 patients and is in the final stages of recruitment.

Lead Clinical Research Physiotherapist Ms Kathryn Ferguson and the team at C-TRIC have recruited five patients to the study so far. With additional patients approached in WHSCT to take part.

There are 37 recruiting sites for the IPF COMOFRT Trial worldwide, across UK, Europe and USA. WHSCT is one of 17 sites in the UK and the 3rd highest recruiting site across all global sites. The team also has the best recruitment rate, having been open for a much shorter period of time than the 1st and 2nd highest recruiting sites.

The sponsor NeRRe Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer personally thanked Ms Kathryn Ferguson and the Respiratory Team for the great work they are doing on the study and their rate of recruitment. The local research team is led by PI Dr Nazia Chaudhuiri and Sub-PI Dr Martin Kelly.

Congratulations to the Respiratory Research team for all their hard work and dedication to their patients in WHSCT.

by Emma Byrne