The NI Clinical Research Network (NICRN) undertakes Diabetes research throughout Northern Ireland. The NICRN is part of a UK-wide initiative to provide opportunities for patients and clinicians to participate in high-quality clinical research.

The NICRN aims to:

  • promote diabetes research within Northern Ireland
  • attract clinical trials in diabetes to Northern Ireland
  • conduct clinical trials across Northern Ireland to the highest standards of quality and safety
  • provide infrastructure to facilitate the start-up of new trials in diabetes medicine
  • improve access for diabetes patients to new cutting-edge treatments


Areas of interest include the following:

  • Influence of diet and nutrition, endocrine replacement therapy, and drugs on insulin action and vascular function
  • Type 2 diabetes therapy and cardio metabolic outcomes
  • Understanding and influencing the outcome of diabetic pregnancy
  • Evidence-based practice in diabetes care, including the impact of education

Dr John R Lindsay BHSCT

Diabetes – Clinical Lead

Dr John R Lindsay is a consultant physician in endocrinology, diabetes & bone metabolism based at the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.

He is a graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast and completed Endocrinology & Diabetes training within the Northern Ireland Deanery in 2007.

He was awarded an MD for work in the area of glycated peptides in type 2 diabetes, by Queen’s University, Belfast in 2002.

He was an Endocrinology & Metabolism fellow at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA and undertook a number of studies in Cushing’s syndrome, in the field of adrenal and pituitary disorders. He is widely published, has several book chapters and is an invited reviewer for several international journals.

His clinical and research interests now have a major focus on aspects of metabolic bone disease, and in particular osteoporosis. In addition, he is an honorary clinical lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Dr Lindsay has a interest in medical education and was awarded a post-graduate diploma in clinical education and is a recent graduate of the Scottish Quality Improvement Leadership programme.

Dr Lindsay has been a co-lead and PI for the Clinical Research Network since 2019.

Contact email: johnr.lindsay@belfasttrust.hscni.net

Professor Alex Miras – WHSCT & University of Ulster

Diabetes – Clinical Lead

Professor Alex Miras is a Clinical Professor of Endocrinology at Ulster University. Formally a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Endocrinology at Imperial College London. His clinical and research work focus solely on Obesity and type 2 diabetes.

He is a graduate of Imperial College London and was awarded a Bachelor in Endocrinology,  in 2000.

He was awarded a PhD on the Impact of obesity surgery on food preferences in humans and animals, Imperial College London in 2013. 

He has been a Fellow of  the Royal College of Physicians, London since 2022. 

Professor Miras has contributed to the clinical management and research of Obesity over the last 12 years, through his work at a high throughput Obesity Centre. The specialist interests of his research group are the mechanisms of action of interventions for obesity, focusing on pharmacotherapy, medical devices and obesity surgery.

Professor Miras is also Chair of the Research subcommittee for the National Bariatric Surgery Registry.

Contact email: a.miras@ulster.ac.uk